We offer expert litigation consulting services

in areas related to pharmacy, medical legal, regulatory, technology implementation/strategy, and overall healthcare related issues.

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PharmDmand Services

Expert Witness / Legal Review

We provide expert witness testimony to both plaintiff and defense attorneys with regard to drug injury causation.

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Patient Corner

We provide comprehensive consultation services for complex patients who are on a multitude of medications. We can even advise on cost savings strategies.

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Disease States

We provide specialized, patient specific education and consultation for disease states

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Teaching and Education

We provide ACPE formal accredited Continuing Education programs, as well as informal in-services on a variety of topics, including

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Customized Patient Education Programs

We provide individualized and culturally sensitive patient education programs on a variety of topics, including

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Content Experts

We are Content Experts in following areas

Print / Television / Movies Ghost Writing Education and Training

Concierge Pharmacy

Are you patient interested in learning more about medication safety tips?

Like to know how a pharmacist can help you achieve your medication therapy goals? Visit our Patient Corner.

Information Technology

We provide consulting services in pharmacy computer software as well as dispensing/distribution technology

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