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Shannon "JJ" Johnson

PharmDmand Consulting is led by Shannon "JJ" Johnson, PharmD, a licensed pharmacist in the State of California. Dr. Johnson served for nine years as the Director of Pharmacy for Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, a level 2 trauma center with over 350 staffed acute care beds, and has over seventeen years of experience as a pharmacist and director of a large inpatient hospital pharmacy.

Before becoming Director, he served as Clinical Staff Pharmacist and Safe Medication Practice pharmacist. In addition to his role at Sharp Healthcare, Dr. Johnson has consulted with companies, legal experts, and public agencies on a wide variety of pharmacy related issues, including healthcare technology and disaster preparedness.

Since 2009, Dr. Johnson has provided expert witness services and litigation support in over 135 cases in matters specifically related to pharmacy malpractice, pharmaceutical-related hospital and medical malpractice, as well as assistance in disciplinary proceedings against pharmacists, nurses, and pharmacies. His areas of expertise for teaching purposes include site-specific pharmacy practice guidelines, community pharmacy risk management, hospital pharmacy risk management, prescription drug benefits, pharmacy services in skilled nursing facilities, hospital pharmacy law, community pharmacy law, institutional pharmacy law, and business practices pertaining to pharmacies.

Dr. Johnson’s passion lies in improving health information systems related to pharmacy, medication management systems and computerized physician order entry (CPOE) by designing and implementing intuitive and safe user interfaces from a human factors and safety perspective. He has advised and lead projects on a number of start-up initiatives in healthcare, disaster preparedness, and information-systems marketplaces. Dr. Johnson has extensive experience in clinical pharmacy (inpatient acute care), clinical information & technology systems, safe medication practice, quality improvement, and project management.